Self Inking Harry Potter Stampers - Set of 12 - Harry Potter Accessories | Mini Toy Figurines for a Harry Potter Party, Cake Topper, Collectibles, 2.5 Inches

  • These are Harry Potter toys with stamps underneath that represent some of everyone’s favorite characters, including (depending on the pack) Harry himself (on one of them, he sports his Quidditch robe!), Hermione Granger, Ron, Draco, three Hogwarts staff members, and two animals. In just one Harry Potter box set, you’re getting almost a third of the collection of these stamps for kids that young witches and wizards will surely like.
  • HARRY POTTER COLLECTIBLES WITH THE TOTAL OF 16 FOR YOU TO COLLECT. Find all these Harry Potter gifts for girls and boys, including a few rarities, like Buckbeak, Hermione with her wand, Ron with Scabbers in his hands, and Harry with Hedwig on his arm. Wizarding world lovers (unless they are under 3) can use the stampers to leave cute stamp marks on paper or just put them on a shelf as a collection. Check out other pieces of Harry Potter merchandise, too, and collect them all!
  • USE THE STAMP SET FOR A HARRY POTTER PARTY! For parents and kids, toys can work as both party décor and entertainment as they bring a mood and a theme to a party. Harry Potter stuff can also ignite a love for the wizarding world in kids, so they will perhaps want to duel or play a match of Quidditch! Throw a Harry Potter birthday party or a small-scale themed event with these Harry Potter party supplies, and let the kids enjoy the magic that they like so much about the movies and the books.
  • EACH PIECE IS A GENUINE HARRY POTTER TOY LICENSED BY WARNER BROS. P.M.I., the manufacturer of this Harry Potter merch, is licensed by the movies’ distributor. The characters are cartoonish but nonetheless in line with the original style of the films. The stamps are rather small, but this Harry Potter playset shows the producer’s great attention to detail, like brooms, wands, and even scarves! Spark your children’s interest, or reward them if they’re already Happy Potter fans.
  • PERFECT AS A HARRY POTTER GIFT. A whole pack of Harry Potter gifts for kids is a great way to make an occasion truly special for your little witch or wizard. These kids’ stamps will also come in handy if you’re looking for simple Harry Potter party favors, and they can even be used as Harry Potter decorations. Get the right pack to help a young enthusiast complete their collection or start one from scratch. Perhaps, an adult Harry Potter stuff collector will appreciate the gift, too.

 Package Dimensions: 13.3 x 8.2 x 1.9 inches

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