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Rolly Pet Hoot Owl by Aurora

Harry Potter Pencil Toppers, Gifts, Toys, Collectibles – Set of 12 Harry Potter Figures for Writing, Party Decor –Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger,Sybil Trelawney and more by PMI, 2.4 In., Soft PVC (B12)

  • CHARM YOUR PARCHMENT – Make creating magical with Harry Potter pencil toppers from PMI! Your Harry Potter merch turns ordinary pencils into whimsical quills, and drawing or writing into pure wizardry!
  • THE WIZARDING WORLD AWAITS - Roam Hogwarts’ corridors, master potions and spells, and challenge You-Know-Who by using your pencil toppers as Harry Potter figures!
  • DELIGHT YOUR WITCH OR WIZARD – with Harry Potter collectibles from PMI! Doubling as fantastical toppers and playable figures, your Harry Potter gift is sure to leave lasting smiles!
  • THE PERFECT PARTY – Pour some pumpkin juice and celebrate, wizard style! Your Harry Potter toys make enchanting decorations, brilliant party game props, and spell-binding Harry Potter pencil toppers.
  • MORE TO EXPLORE – Complete the collection and collect all 12 Harry Potter pencil topper sets! Meet the Golden Trio and characters such as Luna, Sirius, Draco, Voldemort ,Bellatrix, Lupin, Hedwig, and many more!

Details: Harry Potter collectibles from PMI! Your Harry Potter toy characters double as wondrous pencil toppers and action figures, immersing you in the magic of the Wizarding World. Scrawl Transfiguration essays or owl-delivered letters with your character-topped pen or pencil, or join Harry, Ron, and Hermione’s spell-binding adventures with your colorful figures 12x The Characters, 12x the Fun Dive into a world of spells, classes, and wands by collecting all 5 Harry Potter sets! Crafted of elastic PVC, and standing 2.4 in. tall, your figures pop onto any standard pencil (and even some pens) and stay like magic. Explore each of our sets: 1.RON WEASLEY, HERMIONE GRANGER, HARRY POTTER, GINNY WEASLEY, NEVILLE LONGBOTTOM. 2.BELLATRIX LESTRANGE, DEATH EATER, VOLDEMORT, LUCIUS MALFOY, DRACO MALFOY. 3.RUBEUS HAGRID, REMUS LUPIN, SEVERUS SNAPE, ALBUS DUMBLEDORE, MIERVA MCGONAGALL. 4.HARRY POTTER, HARRY POTTER, RON WEASLEY, HERMIONE GRANGER, SYBILL TRELAWNEY. 5.SIRIUS BLACK, DOBBY, HARRY POTTER, HEDWIG, LUNA LOVEGOOD. Give The Gift of Magic Pursuing Harry Potter gifts for your sorcerer or sorceress? No need to cast a tracking spell. Delight them with Harry Potter toppers from PMI! Combining the fun of action figures with the whimsey of pencil toppers, your toys are fantastic gifts for mature collectors and young fans alike No Muggles Allowed At This Party. Whether for a birthday, Halloween, or just because, make your party magical with your Harry Potter figures! Place them around your castle as decorations or make them party game props. Add some pumpkin juice and treacle tarts, and you’re set for a brilliant celebration! Create magic TODAY. 

Package Dimensions: 13.3 x 8.2 x 1.9 inches

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